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14 February 2009 @ 06:12 pm
KHR 229  

I just read KHR chapter 229. The translation was kind of wonky but still understandable. The attack the millefore sub-arc (of the TYL arc) is finally over! Now on to ten days of training...which is probably going to last for 20+ weeks.  YAY!


Anyways...Mukuro-sama is alive (of course)! Chrome looked so cute when she was worried, but Hibari looked so handsome when he thought Mukuro died. Why do you care so much, Hibari?    But I'm starting to think that the Mare ring holder, that looked like Mukuro, is Mukuro! But enough with my conspiracy theories. Can't wait to see the female Mare holder and the one that looks like Gamma.

Shouichi and Spanner joined the Vongola family! YAY!!!!!!!! Not that I care.

"WHAT IS THIS YELLOW BOX TO THE EXTREME!!!!!!" Oh Ryohei...how you kill me with your EXTREMEness. Everyone got their boxes! "Is it dice?"...Lambo...are you that dunce?

All of the Varia are alive (I think...I hate my fail memory). Poor Squalo...even with your smexy hair, nothing can protect you from Xanxus's harrassment. Not like you care, right? :D

The ending was cute. Everyone was running to greet each other. Even Gokudera! But who was he running to? Bianchi? Or could it be TYL!Fuuta?

I loved Haru's and Kyoko's outfits! So cute! I really liked Haru's (Amano-sensei is so stylish).

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