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25 February 2009 @ 10:09 pm
Kuroshitsuji 30  


*Breathes in* *Breathes out*

Seriously....Kuroshitsuji = my monthly crack PERIOD

After a week without reading it...I end up having withdrawal symptoms.


First things first. Misleading magazine cover = no love. I miss Lau.

Prince Souma and Agni were so adorable this chapter! I nearly had nosebleed from how they acted. Aww...Souma nursed Cecil back to health!!!!.... *imagines Souma in a female!nurse outfit* *shot* I swear to gosh that I'm not a yaoi/shounen-ai fangirl! SWEAR!
Oh another note about Souma and Agni. Peaceful Idiot Couple. It's official.

Father is creepy. But those children are creepier. Does this remind anyone else of a certain anime/manga? I just can't put my finger on it. Speaking of father, let's talk about his hot son: Joker. Did anyone else feel hot and bothered when he was dressing down? Though, I was disturbed when he song the "Pied Piper" nursery rhyme. Good grief boy, save the drama for the momma (where is she by the way?), and the hotness for the...fangirls (what rhymes with hotness?). *shot*

I kind of forgot why Freckles/Doll was trying to meet up with Joker. Someone remind me, please? :3

And now the confontation begins! I hope everyone will get out safe ( but those that should die, like the pedo-father, should BURN).

Next Chapter: March 18

Under a month. I can wait. I have Naruto to keep it off my mind.
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